Vehicle and use of Motor Coach gifted to Pilgrimage of Mercy

Vehicle Gifted to Pilgrimage of MercyVehicle Gifted to Pilgrimage of Mercy

The outpour of support continues to flow in for St. Maria Goretti and her Pilgrimage of Mercy. Eagle Sanitation of New York has provided the funding for the acquisition of the vehicle that will transport the saint’s sacred remains. A Ford E350 with reinforced frame was purchased and dedicated to the memory of Joseph Reali, the twenty-four year old son of Eagle Sanitation president, Michael Reali. “Our son Joseph had a personal devotion to St. Maria, and we wanted to honor him and St. Maria with a gift that will enable her to be venerated by the American people.”

The vehicle was modified by “OZ” Trucking and Rigging to accommodate the saint’s reliquary. A specialized track system was installed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the reliquary, as well as a fastening system which will anchor it during travel. Paul Ousey, president of “OZ” Trucking and Rigging, a company founded in 1894, oversaw the work himself. “I see this job as one of the most important my company has ever done. I have a great personal love for St. Maria, and for her I put my best workers on this job.”

“OZ” Trucking and Rigging has also generously provided a fully equipped motor coach for the pilgrimage, complete with driver … the company president himself. The motor coach comes with sleeping quarters for the four person team, an office for the tour director, Fr. Carlos Martins, a kitchen, and several large bays to hold the tour’s cargo. Both vehicles has been put to good use in a tour that is now nearing the completion of its first week.

“I wish to thank Eagle Sanitation and OZ Trucking and Rigging for their generous support of the Pilgrimage of Mercy,” said Fr. Martins. “Their kind gifts have taken care of the tour’s transportation needs, and have made it much easier to execute the tour,” he added. “I am grateful and invoke the intercession of St. Maria Goretti upon both businesses, upon their presidents, Mr. Michael Reali and Mr. Paul Ousey, and upon their families and all those whom they love.”

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