Supplying safes since 1894

The roots of Prestige Safe, Inc. go back four generations. Founded in 1894 under the name “OZ” Trucking & Rigging, “OZ” specializes in professional contracting and installation of bank equipment.

Circa 1940's Men Loading Safe on Truck

Under the name Prestige Safe, we have grown to become the leading supplier of luxury safes as well as high security safes and vault rooms to financial institutions, jewelers, retail stores and homeowners.

Over the years Prestige has implemented the newest technologies to provide the strongest safes in the industry. We created the luxury safe market by understanding the needs of homeowners and turned a plain gray box into a decorative secure storage solution.

As we continue into the 21st century we will continue to combine technology with the needs of our customers to bring you the world’s strongest and most beautiful safes.

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