Motorcycle Event Coming Up?

Use "OZ" Trucking & Rigging Motorcycle Event Transport service!

Paul Ousey, Motorcycle Event Transport

We would all prefer to ride our motorcycles to our favorite events, but sometimes life gets in the way.  You don't have to skip your favorite event this year because you don't have time to ride your bike out and back!  Use our “arrive-and-ride” motorcycle event transport service, and then enjoy riding your own bike while you are there.  Eliminate the extra time required for YOU to get the bike there and back!  Let us do it for you!

Paul Ousey, the owner of “OZ” Trucking & Rigging, has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years.  He is active in the vintage motorcycle arena, and participated in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball.   Therefore, you can be sure that the greatest care will be taken during the transport of your motorcycle.   Since Paul is a collector of motorcycles and has the love for these machines, your motorcycle will be treated with the highest regard.  Transporting your bike safely to your event is our top priority.

Reserve a spot for your motorcycle(s) for a specific event!  Call us at 631-253-2010, email us at, or request our motorcycle event transportation service.

Motorcycle Rallies/Events

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Door to Door Delivery
We provide a professional and worry free way to get your motorcycle to your motorcycle event with our door to door service.
Our Equipment
Our late model trucks have 6600 lb. lift-guards as well as enclosed air-ride suspension trailers which ensure minimal movement of your motorcycle during the motorcycle event transport process.
Our Staff
Reliable drivers with proven safety records and miles of road behind them will be entrusted with the movements. Our experienced professionals will handle all loading and unloading of your motorcycle.
Pre and Post-transport inspections
When you deliver your bike to us for transport, we carefully inspect your motorcycle (including photographs) . This ensures your bike arrives at your pick up point in the same condition as when we took possession.
Insurance Coverage
Ask about insurance coverage that protects your motorcycle while it is our possession.
You may take advantage of our State of the Art warehouse facilities if you wish to deliver your motorcycle in advance of the date of departure. At the destination, we will deliver your bike to a local storage facility, and you can take delivery when you arrive for your event.
Group Rates
We offer group discounts of groups with 8 or more motorcycles – the more motorcycles in your group, the deeper the discounts.
Motorcycle Event Delivery Schedule
Delivery of your motorcycle will be scheduled the day before the event begins, and transport home the day after the event ends. You can be assured that you can take full enjoyment of the event from start to finish!