80,000lb Bank Vault Removal

"OZ" Trucking and Rigging have 4 generations and over a hundred years of experience doing bank vault removal and installation.  This particular project required the removal of a 9000 lb, bank vault from the interior of a bank.  The vault is 6 sided (comprised of 48 panels) including the vault door and made their name over the Ousey Family generations as the go to company for installing and removing bank vaults and safes. In this video, the vault door is being dismantled for removal. You can see how heavy the door is when it hits the truck tires on the floor. It's a complicated project done with finesse by the OZ Trucking and Rigging team.

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"White Glove" Service

“OZ” Trucking and Rigging “White Glove Service” for Hampton Designer Showcase House

“White Glove” Service for the Hampton Designer Showhouse

When you think of summer on Long Island what comes to mind...The Hampton's maybe?

Even "OZ" Trucking feels the Hampton's pull. We were recently hired by a team of interior designers to deliver the handpicked furniture for the Hampton's Showcase House in Noyack. The designers' were charged with creating new and spectacular rooms in this exquisite Hampton home. So why wouldn't they choose"OZ" to provide their "white glove" service. For more information you can visit Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Vehicle and use of Motor Coach gifted to Pilgrimage of Mercy

Vehicle Gifted to Pilgrimage of MercyVehicle Gifted to Pilgrimage of Mercy

The outpour of support continues to flow in for St. Maria Goretti and her Pilgrimage of Mercy. Eagle Sanitation of New York has provided the funding for the acquisition of the vehicle that will transport the saint’s sacred remains. A Ford E350 with reinforced frame was purchased and dedicated to the memory of Joseph Reali, the twenty-four year old son of Eagle Sanitation president, Michael Reali. “Our son Joseph had a personal devotion to St. Maria, and we wanted to honor him and St. Maria with a gift that will enable her to be venerated by the American people.”

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“OZ” Trucking adds 10,000 SF to NY Warehouse

“OZ” Trucking adds 10,000 square feet to their New York Warehouse!  The physical resources of our facilities offer transloading of all products large or small, indoors and outdoors. With our proximity to New York City and our accessibility to rail and barge transportation, we can provide a totally integrated solution to fulfill your warehousing needs.

Tricky Safe Installation Requiring Crane

Rigging a 3885 lb. AMSEC Safe into a Basement Window

“OZ” Trucking & Rigging recently faced a tricky safe installation / rigging challenge.  The challenge was to install a 3,885 lb safe into a basement with a very small entry point.

Our guys LOVE a challenge, and treated this project like they treat all their challenging projects – as though it was the only and most important project they had.

Touch-A-Truck, Eisenhower Park May 10, 2014

“OZ” Trucking & Rigging at Touch-A-Truck this weekend

Come on out and see the World’s Largest Gun Safe!

Paul and his daughter demonstrate the size of this huge gun safe. This gun safe is on display at “OZ” Trucking & Rigging, and will be on exhibit at the Touch-A-Truck event on May 10, at Eisenhower Park.  Here’s the fun part – if you can guess the weight of this huge safe, you will win a safe of your own!

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